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  "My website was created around 2 months ago and I hit page 1 in Google last week for photography in my local area, I have had 2 bookings a week since, all thanks to Halifax Web Design for their marketing skills in Google.

www.dmpix.co.uk "
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"We absolutely love the design and the way Halifax Web Design have portrayed our work."


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" They have shown us excellent support, we have regular meetings to discuss increasing our sales even further. Updates are completed over the phone or via email nearly instantaneously."


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" I am really impressed with the service and speedy delivery of my website, I had a low budget but they still worked around my needs. "

Fleet Grafix


" Repeat business I had my first website with Halifax Web Design around 1 year ago which was capitolclaims and now I have been back 3 times for different websites for my other businesses"


With over a decade of experience Halifax Web Design has worked with people from all around the globe

covering a wide range of web based projects.

We Specialise in:

Web design
Domain Names
Graphic Design
Flash Websites
Ecommerce Websites

One of our company’s main advantages is that we have excellent business knowledge and know what it takes not just to design a web site but what it takes to make a successful online business.  One of our most recent customers went from no online presence to turnover increase of £80,000 in a few months just from online sales generated by the website we designed and the SEO (search engine optimisation) we carried out.

Often businesses can’t afford large sums for websites that’s why it’s not uncommon for us to partner up with the business and offer a free website if they have got a good product, simply because we are business minded people and we know from acorns grow large oak trees.....

If you have a business idea and need our help let us
know, use the form below:

Let us know about your new online venture if we think you have an interesting product we could be offering you a FREE website and seo help to make your business succeed online.


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Our most common product has to be SEO (search engine optimisation) for Google, Yahoo and MSN from £10 PER WEEK. It’s no point in spending money on a website if no one can find it. That’s why we have a dedicated local team ensuring you get to page 1 in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Below we have put together some frequently asked questions,  we hope this answers everything you need to know but just in case it doesn't’t TEL: 01706 837990

We look forward to your business.


Halifax Web Design Team


How much is a web site?
There are lots of things to take into account when building a website for example how many pages, the type of website etc. But you can be assured we will offer you the best prices around.

How long does it take for you to design my website?
Websites can take from 1 hour to 4 weeks to design, it largely depends on the type of website and our current schedule. If you have a tight deadline then we can arrange a timescale to work around your needs.

Domain names, what are they?
A domain name is an address for your website for example our domain name is: web-design-halifax.co.uk

What is a web host?
A web site host or server is basically a computer where all the data for your website is processed and accessed over the internet. The domain name points to the computer and the computer processes the information and the end user receives the end product.

I had my website designed with another company can I transfer to you?
Yes of course you can, call us and we will advise you.

My website is not in Google, why is this?
If you have had the website designed by us then you can rest assure your website will have been submitted to Google but if another company designed your website they may not have submitted it to Google and other search engines.

If you would like to obtain higher rankings then choose our SEO package for £10 per week .




Halifax Web Design.com Websites All Your Web design Needs in one place.

For you to receive your free website you will have to have a good business plan and willing to allow us to join in with your online business venture
or alternatively take our minimum Google Package for £10 per week.

The above prices exclude hosting and domain names


Web Design Halifax
At Halifax Web Design We specialise in a wide range of business web design, ecommerce web design, graphic design, content managed website design, Search Engine Marketing

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